Professional Collaboration

With a background of over 10 years working in the healthcare industry, we can provide a unique and collaborative perspective to other professions in the Aging in Place community.

We love to use an interdisciplinary approach when helping someone Age in Place. These professions can provide additional support and resources, and would benefit from our consultation services.

Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects

When developing a design for aging in place, it is beneficial for an occupational therapist to be part of the team to determine what current and future needs a client may physically or cognitively experience. This helps provide an individualized approach and prevents a need to make future retrofitting adjustments. Make it right the first time!

Home Health Agencies

Many staff members provide 1:1 caregiving to clients in their homes. They are a valuable tool in providing assistance for daily needs. There are techniques which may make their job easier with providing DME, modifications and caregiver education from an occupational therapist.

Geriatric Care Managers

Consultation to determine the amount of caregiver assistance someone would need based on ADL and mobility limitations.

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