Lifestyle Maintenance

Let’s help your loved one together.

Our goal is to facilitate your health which includes your physical and emotional wellbeing. We want to prevent you or a loved one from needing more extensive medical services by staying active physically, mentally, and socially. These services take place in your home, we want to help you stay connected to your friends and family. We offer a lifestyle maintenance program for clients who want personalized training sessions. How this program is beneficial:

– Provide exercise and physical health maintenance (with medical consent from a physician)

– Promote social interaction

– Facilitate intellectual stimulation

– Provide emotional support

– Productive activities to support an active lifestyle

– Assist with learning new technology or devices (iPhone, iPad, computer, Zoom) to make sure family can stay in touch

– Facilitate using “smart devices” in the home

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We offer single sessions, or group packages. We cover Arlington County, Fairfax County and the city of Alexandria.

If you live beyond these areas we can provide services for a small mileage fee.

Individual Session
  • Per 60 minute session
Package of Sessions
  • Includes four 60 minute sessions
  • Savings of $100!

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